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My name is David Kirsch. We have been running a family bussiness since 2001.

I was born in February of 1999 in Budapest, just 9 months after the first Wakeboard National... Fortunately my parents got stoked enough on the result: Gyuri (my father) came in 2nd place! Since that I use to slept in boardbags, rode with a mohawk in the 2005 World Championships and spent my summers on the water. I always looked up to my father, this is why I started my own business as well: sell rocks and other stuff I found near the lake just next to our shop. Since that this drive is not going down in me or in my family: we are proudly present our new website for you!

We are in love with water sports. Began with Wakeboarding, drifted trough Stand Up Paddling and continued with Foiling. Every single item up on our website has been ridden by us, so we are trying our best to give you the best product possible for your needs.

The name and the webshop might seem new, but we spent most of our lives on the water. Check our story about what we have done for the water sport community in our environment below.


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