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User's Manual

Wakeboard board/binding


By using this product, you assume the risks associated with wakeboarding and agree to carefully follow all instructions and warnings when using the product.

It is the owner's own responsibility to read and understand the instruction manual and to instruct all other users in the safe use of the product. By using this product, you accept the liability and claim waiver agreement contained in this manual. Because the many factors and possible conditions on the water are unpredictable, you assume such risks by purchasing and/or using the board.



Be aware that there are risks in s water sports that good judgment and personal awareness can reduce.

Use of this product and participation in sports carry the risk of injury or death. To reduce the risks, it is your responsibility to:

• ALWAYS familiarize yourself with the applicable laws, waterways and associated risks.

• ALWAYS have a suitable observer in addition to the driver and agree on hand signals.

• ALWAYS wear a properly fitting life jacket

• The board may cause injury during use. Using a helmet and/or shoes can reduce the risk of injury. •ALWAYS read the user manual and check the equipment before use.

• ALWAYS ski and drive in a controlled manner, at an appropriate speed and within your own limits.

• ALWAYS turn off the ignition when anyone is near the watercraft propulsion unit.

• ALWAYS stay away from engine exhaust to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

• NEVER touch the swim platform when the engine is running.

• Follow the rules of the cableway on the cableway

 • NEVER ski or wakeboard near swimmers, shallow water, other boats or obstacles.

 • NEVER operate a watercraft, ski or wakeboard while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



Wakeboard and Bindings: Verify equipment compatibility by reading the user manual, manufacturer's recommendations, installation instructions, and/or ask your distributor for assistance.

• Always check the wakeboard, ribs and bindings for loose screws, wear, cracks, peeling or tears.

• Always secure the bindings to the wakeboard.

• Do not use a damaged product.

• The bandage should be comfortably tight.

Under no circumstances should the bottom of the board be waxed, painted or modified. Clean with soap and water only. If using in salt water, rinse thoroughly after each use.



Vibrant colors fade when exposed to prolonged sunlight. THIS IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY. In order to protect your product from UV rays, store the product in a suitable bag when not in use. Store dry, not wet.



• Damaged, improper handling, improper maintenance, modification or improper storage.

• Normal wear and tear including scratches, nicks, handling or fading.

• Damages caused by modification and/or use of equipment not supplied with the purchase of the product.

These include screw systems for attaching fins and bindings, cutting and reshaping boards, overlays and/or fasteners, etc.

• Accidental damage, misuse or abuse, such as dock slides, product hitting a towline, etc.

• Products used in commercial, rental, demo or educational programs.

• Any damage caused by slides, water features or rails.

• Use of wax.

Warranties and limitations apply only to the original purchaser or the person to whom it was originally purchased.



The manufacturer and distributor shall not be liable to third-party users for any incidental or consequential damages, including damages for personal injury, beyond the distributor's responsibility to replace or repair its products as provided herein.

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